Business Activities


CONVASA has specialised in interior design projects, corporate branding for all kinds of companies and organisations and general installation work.
CONVASA works on the construction of new facilities and reconditioning existing installations, adapting to clients' needs and ensuring there are no interruptions in the daily running of their business.
The company also has a Projects and Decor Department, which can offer a package of comprehensive, high-quality solutions beginning with a personalised survey and ending with a turnkey facility, ready for use, which has been fully managed by the company throughout the whole project.
CONVASA is an authorised installer of a wide range of building processes: Low Voltage Electricity Installer nº 03 -B-D00-00011391 and Thermal Equipment Installation/Maintenance nº 2012 / 001399.
CONVASA can plan and execute installation projects, while also offering permit and approval processing services.
CONVASA can also take care of official processes for obtaining building licences, permission from the authorities, etc.
We take care of everything so the client does not have to deal with any paperwork, providing solutions for bureaucratic issues.

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